Rabadán27 de junio de 2016

Briefing Demo Day

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  On Thursday June 16, students of Introduction to entrepreneurial and business activities from 3rd ESO, organized a Demo Fair to show their business projects to their schoolmates from other classes.
  Among the projects that were presented we found businesses that were selling lemonade, smoothies or cupcakes; a newspaper made by students for students; different sports tournaments; websites where you can sale or share notes; among others.
  We also had the opportunity to listen lectures related to entrepreneurship. On the one hand, Professor Montse Garcia Alemán, from Universidad Internacional de Canarias, gave a talk on “The ingredients of self-motivation.” On the other hand, we received several entrepreneurs to talk about their professional experiences:
* Hector Quintana: founding member of Fiscatel consultants.
* Javier Cabrera Capineti: urban artist and painter that has a current stay at the Centro de Arte La Regenta.
* Magda Abdsalam: winner of entrepreneurs Yuzz with Family Helper, psycho-educational support service for families with children with disruptive behavior with violent project.
  It was a great event where we could get strengthened our initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.

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