Rabadán26 de septiembre de 2023

Viaje a Portugal

Un grupo de alumnos de 3º y 4º de la ESO participan esta semana en una nueva edición del Programa Erasmus+. En esta ocasión, han viajado a Portugal, desde donde nos mandan la primera crónica de su viaje:

I woke up at 11 am and I got the surprise that Fiipe’s neighbor, brother and his girlfriend who was pregnant were coming to eat with us! I ate breakfast and played the Nintendo Switch with Filipe. We had a great time playing Mario Kart. Then we had a very nice lunch with his family. It was very interesting and fun, I liked it so much. 

Later we prepared for visiting Aveiro, we went and met some partners and had an incredible time together watching the sunset. 

At night we ate at McDonald’s and we were surprised to know that the prices are very low here in Portugal. And after a long drive back home I went to bed, watched some videos and fell asleep. In conclusion it was an awesome day, I liked to know his family and I loved the sunset.